Fever Aware – iOS App

When used with an Apple Watch, this App will use your heart rate to estimate your body temperature.  

You can receive notifications whenever the App estimates that your body temperature is above or below normal.  And if you wish, you can receive notifications when your temperature is normal.

These notifications will tell you if the App estimates your temperature to be hypothermic, below normal, normal, above normal, fever, high fever, or very high fever.

With or without an Apple Watch this App can be used to record your temperature on your iPhone, which is displayed on a graph.  And a spreadsheet of these temperatures can be be emailed to you anytime you wish.

Privacy Policy

The Fever Aware App does not require a login, and it does not have any means to identify you.  When you first use the App, you will be asked to give the App access to your date of birth, resting heart rate information, and body temperature.  This is the only information the App will have about you.

It requires access to heart rate information from an Apple Watch in order to estimate your body temperature.  It also uses date of birth to compute your age, which is helpful in the estimate of body temperature.  The App will read body temperatures that are stored in the Apple Health App whether their source is this App, or some other Health related App.

Future releases of this App may send your body temperature data, and heart rate data to a server where it will be used to identify false positive and false negative.  Using these adjustments will be made to improve the calculation that estimates body temperature.

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