Release 2.3.2

This release changes the App’s icon back to the first icon of the App.  For the Apple version it restores the ability to download entire Bibles to the App, and restores the concordance search ability of the App.

Release 2.0.8 – (Apple)

This is a totally redesigned Bible App, which now includes highlighting, keeping notes, comparing verses in many translations, and quicker access to different translations.  This redesign is expected for Android in early 2020.

Release 1.12.3

The Audio Bible was added in more languages.  Now SafeBible has an Audio Bible for most of the languages that it publishes the Bible in text.

Release 1.10.3

This release adds an audio player that enables people to listen to the Bible in many languages.  It was released on Apple devices in March and should be available on Android devices in April.